Trauma Recovery

Adversity is part of life. Chances are you’ve already dealt with an adverse experience such as a motor vehicle collision, an assault, a big loss, or an unexpected injury. These events can affect you for a long time. Their negative impact and distress can carry on long after the event itself and harm your ability to function in everyday life.

Here at Kells we know that WELLNESS IS POSSIBLE, even in the face of adversity. That’s why we’ve developed our Trauma Recovery Programs! Our workshops are tailored to equip you with tangible skills and tools to develop resiliency, regulate anxiety, and return to healthy functioning. The program is developed by trauma experts, and facilitated by registered psychologists and mental health counsellors.

Our programs work! We know this because our lead psychologist, Janet Ryan-Newell, has combined her 30 plus years of experience with up-to-date research to help you return to healthy functioning after a traumatic experience. You can trust us because we’re experts.

In our workshops you’ll learn all about:

  • how trauma, adversity and toxic stress effects the body and brain
  • emotional regulation
  • distress tolerance
  • boundaries
  • building strong relationships
  • mindfulness
  • self-care
  • shame resilience
  • moving forward after a negative experiences

Are you ready to feel better? Join us for a RESET workshop. 

Tools for Trauma Recovery 

When adversity happens, your life can change in an instant. You may find yourself struggling daily due to anxiety, injury, or emotional pain. This one-day workshop will equip you with the tools necessary to start feeling better after an adverse experience! You’ll learn about how adversity affects the brain, and gain tangible skills and tools to manage stress, regulate your anxiety, and take control of your life.

October 24, 2023 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Price: $360 (may be covered by some health benefit plans)


RESET: Journey for Adults (Online Workshop)

In this dynamic RESET workshop series, you will learn why certain experiences can strongly harm your mental health and impact your life. During the program, you will build new skills to build resiliency, manage day-to-day pressures, and to navigate future life stressors. By the end of your RESET: Journey, you will be stronger, more knowledgeable, and confident in your ability to move forward.

 14 Weekly Sessions

 Starting on September 13, 2023  6:00PM – 8:00PM Online

Price: $2330 (may be covered by some health benefit plans)


RESET: Expedition for Teens (Age 13-17) 

Do you know a teen who is having a hard time adjusting to life after the Covid-19 pandemic? Or, a young person who’s had a negative life experience that has left them reeling? Are they acting out, feeling generally yucky, or dealing with increased levels of reactivity? We’ve got the program for them.

We have re-worked our highly successful RESET: Trauma Recovery Program to help teens build resiliency. The program is divided into 10 weekly group sessions where teens will embark on an adventure to learn new resiliency skills, develop an understanding of how trauma and stress effect the body, and learn how to conquer adversity. We also provide a parent orientation so that you can feel confident in what your teen is learning, and a family night where your teen can showcase what they’ve learned to the people closest to them.

12 Weekly Sessions 

Starting on September 28, 2023 4:30PM – 6:30PM

Facilitated by: Emily Killen and Sydney Tkachuk

Location: Kells Counselling 

Price: $1620 (may be covered by some health benefit plans)


Individual Counselling and EMDR

Traumatic injury happens when a scary or negative memory gets stuck in our brain and body. After a traumatic injury you might feel scared, irritable, sad, anxious, or like you can not handle your life anymore. You may struggle with getting through the day, or even struggle with sleeping at night. All of these things are normal after experiencing trauma. 

The good news is here at Kells we have psychologists who can help you process your scary or negative memory and feel better! Our therapists are trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  Research shows EMDR to be very effective in helping people process emotionally painful and traumatic experiences. When a disturbing experience happens, it is stored in the brain with all the sights, sounds, thoughts, and feelings of the event. When a person is emotionally overwhelmed, the brain cannot process the experiences as it would normally, and these negative thoughts, sensations, and feelings become trapped in the nervous system. EMDR unblocks and desensitizes this information, allowing it to be processed and safely restored. The memory remains but the negative intensity is neutralized.

EMDR has been shown to be especially effective with persons experiencing the following:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety and Panic Disorders
  • Traumatic Events
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Negative Self-Beliefs

Many clients who have made limited progress in the past, or who have not benefitted from more traditional therapies say that with EMDR they have finally found something that works for them.

Kells Trauma Recovery Program offers a way to get you back to your normal and rebuilds health following a traumatic event.