Trauma Recovery


Unaddressed trauma and adverse life experiences impact relationships, substance use, parenting, work life, as well as, physical and mental health. While one-on-one therapy is often successful, it takes time.

We can optimize and accelerate the healing process!

Kells psychologists, accessed current research and combining it with the experience of our trauma specialists, developed a program the do just that. The Trauma Recovery Program, consisting of: Tools for Trauma Recovery, a one-day workshop designed to offer skills to manage trauma symptoms; and RESET Recovery Program, an intensive program designed to fast-track healing.

You should seek help if you:

  • Are worried about symptoms
  • Have stopped doing normal activities because of anxiety
  • Have vivid, upsetting dreams or flashbacks
  • Become distressed when exposed to trauma reminders or triggers
  • Feel like you can’t focus
  • Feel like life doesn’t seem real
  • Are struggling with mood issues
  • Avoid talking about the traumatic event
  • Don’t seem to be getting better

Although she hadn’t been critically injured, Lynn’s life seemed to have steadily fallen apart in the four months since the accident. Overall, Lynn made strong progress in physical recovery; however, emotionally, she still felt miserable. Lynn was always exhausted; she had horrible dreams, anxiety attacks, and trouble sleeping. She couldn’t focus well and had headaches almost every day. Lynn was either irritable, or cried at any little thing. When she went to her doctor she couldn’t explain what was wrong. She hadn’t returned to work as just the thought of going to the office led to panic. Lynn’s family was patient, but no one really understood why she just couldn’t ‘get over it.’ Neither could Lynn! The accident could have been so much worse! Lynn accessed Kells’ Trauma Recovery Program and finally understood why her accident was affecting her life so much. Lynn gained tools and skills to manage her emotions, and was able to reprocess the trauma to move past it. Lynn felt that she had regained herself and her life.

Tools for Trauma Recovery

A one-day workshop offering practical tools to help clients learn to regulate their emotions, manage anxiety, and recover from traumatic stress.

RESET Recovery Program

A comprehensive program that integrates individual therapy with skills and education to assist individuals struggling with traumatic stress and/or injury to return to healthy functioning. Offered as an intensive daily program (5 weeks) or as a weekly program (15 weeks).

Pre-and post-measures illustrate that participants have experienced a significant reduction (up to 30%) in PTSD symptoms. Further, following the RESET program, over 65% of our participants no longer met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD!

Kells Trauma Recovery Program offers a way to get you back to your normal and rebuild health following a traumatic event.

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