Kells Telehealth Information and Consent

What is the process to access counselling sessions at Kells via the internet or phone?

At the time of the scheduled appointment, clients will use the link provided to begin a call with their therapist. Clicking the link will add the client to the therapist’s waiting room. The therapist is notified, after which they can add them to online therapy room and begin the call. It is important that the informed consent is completed prior to your appointment.

Regarding the online communication and confidentiality, I understand that:

  • Doxy.me is an online communication tool allowing private face-to-face video, voice, or text-based chat/dialogue. Doxy.me is encrypted to keep client’s sensitive information private and is HIPAA compliant. You can visit https://doxy.me/privacy-policy for more information.
  • There can be less ability to view body language compared to face-to-face communication.
  • Certain interventions may not be available through online means, such as EMDR.
  • In the case of an emergency, you will contact 911, go to the nearest hospital, or call the distress line at 780-482-4357.
  • Doxy.me is available any device with a microphone, webcam, and internet access.
  • For privacy on your end when using a Doxy.me call, use a private password protected internet connection, and ensure that your device is also password protected.
  • No internet-based communication can be guaranteed to be 100% secure or confidential. However, your psychologist has made every reasonable effort to implement technical security measures to reduce risk of a confidentiality breach.
  • Video sessions are not intended to replace the more optimal in-office sessions, but at the client’s request, are utilized when in-office sessions are not convenient or possible.
  • Technical problems may occur. If a call is disrupted, the psychologist will call back unless technical difficulties persist. In such cases, the session can be continued via phone or rescheduled via phone or email, depending on client’s preferences.

Psychologist Responsibilities:
I understand that confidentiality will be ensured by the therapist. To do this, the therapist will:

  • Use high quality, password protected wireless internet connection.
  • Ensure all other distractions such as phone calls are eliminated during the session.

Client Responsibilities:
I understand that prior to accessing an online counselling session, I will:

  • Be online five minutes prior to the scheduled e-session appointment.
  • Pay for my session fee to Kells Counselling [credit card, direct billing].
  • Contact my insurance company to ensure they cover video or phone sessions.

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring confidentiality on my end by the following:

  • Closing other programs on my computer
  • Planning ahead to minimize distractions (i.e. being in a quiet room alone with a closed door).
  • Not answering calls or text messages while on the doxy.me call.
  • If necessary, using headphones to increase privacy of session.

Consent to access Tele-Counselling through Kells Counselling: I am confirming that I am choosing to access counselling sessions at Kells via the internet or phone. I confirm that I have read both the general informed consent and this Tele-Counselling Information sheet prior to starting video counselling session.