Phone 780-430-(GROW) 4769 to set up an appointment. We are happy to help!

Kells makes every effort to meet the needs of our clients. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule and any travel concerns you may have.

Online Appointment Requests for Returning Clients

Kells’ returning clients can now make appointment requests online. Our online scheduler will show you the availability of your therapist and allow you to request a specific date and time.

**Please note that these are requests and our reception staff will contact you to confirm the appointment or to arrange an alternative if that time is not available.

Click the link below to make an appointment request:

Login to Kells’ Online Scheduler

Having trouble with the online scheduler?

  • You must be in our current booking system to make online requests. If you have not been to Kells in the last year, you may not be in our current system. Contact reception at 780-430-GROW (4769) to book. We’ll set it up so you can use the online scheduler in the future.
  • Please ensure that you have entered your birth date in the proper format (MM/DD/YYYY) to login.
  • The email address, home phone number, and birth date must match what is in Kells’ system. If you do not know which phone number or email address is set-up or you think we have it set-up incorrectly, please call us at 780-430-GROW (4769). We will review the information with you to ensure you can use the online scheduler in the future.
  • The system will only allow you access to your default therapist. If you have seen two therapists, the online scheduler may not allow you access to the person you want to book with. Please contact reception at 780-430-GROW (4769) to book. We can change your default therapist if you would like.