Therapist's office couch

Choosing a Therapist

Choosing a therapist is a lot like finding the right pair of shoes.

If you’re thinking about going to therapy, registered provisional psychologist Tessa Lawlor, says to “just try it out.” She often compares the search for the right psychologist to the search for the right pair of shoes. She says, “they have to be comfortable, they have to fit properly, and you have to want to wear them.” The same mentality goes with choosing a therapist. You can shop around to find the right psychologist for you.

At Kells, we have a dedicated Intake Team. Their job is to listen to your needs and thoughts on what you are looking for in a therapist. They then match you with the therapist that seems most compatible. If after a session or two, you’re not comfortable with that therapist, let us know. Our intake team will find someone else who could be a better fit.

Therapy is a very vulnerable thing to do. There is no shame in needing to talk to a psychologist. Moreover, there is no shame if it takes a few tries to find the right fit for you. Above all, this is your journey; choosing a therapist shouldn’t stand in your way.

Check out this video to hear more about choosing a psychologist. To learn more about the psychologists at Kells, view their bios here.