Employee Assistance

Kells Counselling offers a range of services to employers that focus on an employee’s health and wellness as well as providing supports and consultation for Human Resources departments. 

Maximizing Employees' Wellness & Productivity

Employees want to be content in their work. Unfortunately, the challenges that many face in day to day living can interfere with their productivity and focus in all areas of their life. Specifically, home life and wellness challenges can result in work performance issues. 

Kells Counselling & Family Solutions offers a range of services to employers and organizations that focus on an employee’s health and wellness as well as providing supports and consultation for Human Resources departments. Whether you have 10 employees or 1000, business and organizations that actively implement strategies to address employees’ personal and professional health see an improvement in the workplace environment and employee performance.

Most companies provide Health Benefit Plans to support their employees. However, many employees don’t know where to begin to find the help they need, even when their benefits will fund the cost. Working with Kells Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) allows employees to access support when they need it.  

Kells works directly with plan administrators to develop individualized service and support packages that will meet the unique needs of their employee population. Kells supports are integrated with an organization’s current Employee Benefit Plan, and then extended as needed. Kells service base focuses on direct counselling services to the employee. Kells can also provide Human Resource Assistance at an organizational level.

Delores was pretty sure that she was suffering from depression. She was barely making it through each day, and it took all of her energy just to manage basic family needs and her work responsibilities. Never having had the need for counselling before, she really didn’t know where to begin. Should she see her family doctor? Should she be on medication? Would the doctor provide a referral for counselling? What would counselling cost? Would her work benefits cover it? Trying to seek help seemed like too much energy to expend. As pressures increased at work, she found that she was making more careless mistakes and was often irritable. Finally her boss sat her down for a discussion about the changes that were being noted with her work quality, and provided Delores with a flyer about her Employee’s Benefit Plan. Kells Counselling’s number was prominently displayed. With just one phone call her first appointment was arranged. She didn’t expect this to be an easy journey, but knowing help was in place, Delores felt a new sense of hope.


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