Assessment Services

Assessments are conducted by our psychologists with assessment specializations. Standardized psychological assessments are used to help answer questions related to an area of concern. 

Could an Assessment Help You or Someone you Know?

Formal psychological assessments help to gain valuable information. Assessments produce both general and specific information about how a person or family is functioning in certain areas. Assessments are often empowering as they provide insight and greater understanding about concerns, validation of the client's experiences, and justification for needed resources. At Kells our assessments are headed by psychologists with assessment specializations. We are a training agency for future psychologists, so our clinical team includes students and provisional psychologists who are supported and supervised by our senior psychologists to ensure the highest quality of services for the client and to highest quality of training for our students. 

What Does an Assessment at Kells Include?

From start to finish Kells provides a supportive and professional assessment experience. Upon first contact, clients or referral sources are connected with our Assessment Coordinator who discusses the areas of concerns and helps to determine what kind of assessment will best serve their needs. She will provide details about the expected length, number of sessions, and approximate cost of the assessment before booking. 

At the first session, the psychologist will ensure that the client understands the purpose and process of the assessment, and answer any questions that arise. Typically, both standardized psychological assessment tools and one-to-one interviews are utilized in the assessment process.  A detailed interview is carried out with the client and, when appropriate, family members or significant others. Each assessment is tailored to the individual needs and concerns. Once the assessment is complete the psychologist or clinical team creates a formal assessment report. This report is not finalized until it is discussed with the client and/or referral source. This ensures that the report is accurate and allows the client to correct any misunderstandings that may have occurred. Once the client agrees the report is accurate, the report is signed by the psychologist and client. The report and assessment materials are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Kells provides a copy of the report to the client and the referral source (if this was previously approved by the client). An original is kept by Kells for the client's file.

How Does an Assessment Help?

Eight-year-old Davey was struggling. The school counsellor recommended the family see a private counsellor to address the child’s anger management issues. Davey was enrolled in a group program but after two sessions, the therapist recommended that Davey have a formal assessment completed. With a psychologist, Davey completed the assessment and it was determined that Davey had Tourette's Syndrome. Davey and his family finally had a way to understand his behaviours! The psychologist explained Tourette's to Davey and his family and helped them make a plan to address the difficulties that Tourette's was causing in Davey's life. Davey's teacher found the information invaluable and implemented new strategies in the classroom. Davey began to experience success, which in turn reduced his angry outbursts. Davey understood that having Tourette's made him different than other children, but it didn't make him a "bad kid". Davey's parents felt relieved and empowered to help their child. They joined a support network for families whose children had similar disorders and benefited from their experience, knowledge, and support.

Our Assessment Areas Include:



Delay Screening
Level of Function

Social Emotional

Mental / Emotional Health
Risk Assessment


Personal Injury
Practice Note 7/8
Voice of the Child
Adult Dependent Status



Cognitive Function
Learning Function
Academic Function


Parenting Enrichment 
Parenting Capacity 

Work Function

Fitness for Duty



Current Functioning
Accommodation & Recovery


Risk Assessment





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