Kells is accepting referrals for assessment and recovery services. 

Kells supports clients to expedite their return to healthy functioning. 

Kells Traumatic Stress and Injury Recovery Clinic provides evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment to assist individuals to recover from traumatic stress and injury. Kells provides a range of psychological injury recovery interventions including: Comprehensive Personal Injury Assessment, Recovery Through Individual or Group Therapy, and Accelerated Recovery RESET Clinic. 

Program Focus:

  • Resiliency and recovery-focused treatment 
  • Empowerment through education and respect 
  • Reprocessing of trauma and cognitive distortions
  • Skill building for emotional regulation and mood management
  • Redefining with respect to altered capacity and insight
  • Renewing a sense of hope and optimism in the future

Please contact Kells for more information at 780-430-7752 or